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Interview: OKAM Studio

OKAM Studio Logo

OKAM Studio has been making critically acclaimed games for the past several years – their games include the commercially successful games The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy, and Ultimo Cardinal. Now, however, OKAM Studio is looking at a bigger challenge; namely the release of Mr. Bean Around The World, …

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Star Citizen Gets An All Star Cast

As shown in the video above, Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen is going to have a star studded cast, helmed by none other than Gary Oldman. Some other cast credits include Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Gillian Anderson …

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TGS Attending VRTGO – VR Conference & Expo

So, what is VRTGO? –  An annual Conference & Expo that explores the future of VR for both entertainment and serious applications. Myself, Rebecca (KittenCraftt), Thomas Campbell and Rory Baxter (RoreosRS) will be attending the event on Thursday 12th November 2015 at Newcastle. We hope to meet Jed Ashforth (Senior …

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Halo 5: The Fall of Chief?

While many Halo fans, myself included, have speculated that the Chief simply cannot die, the latest live action trailer – see above – from Microsoft would seem to state otherwise. In it a UNSC spokeswoman comments on the latest attack against humanity, and the loss of many individuals, including Master …

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SAG AFTRA Voice Actors Threaten to Strike

SAG AFTRA has threatened to strike. The guild, which includes and represents performers of all kinds, has been renegotiating contracts with major video game companies on the treatment and payment of voice actors. These negotiations have gone on for months now, but have reached a point where SAG AFTRA members are …

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Interview: Layers of Fear’s Rafal Basaj

Layers of Fear is a horror game currently on Steam’s Early Access which drags the player into a complex story, a convincing setting, and into the mind of the protagonist, which happens to be a very disturbed mind. The gameplay is not complicated. It is an exploration game, it should be simple. …

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