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XCOM 2 out now on Mac and Linux

XCOM 2 is available for Mac and Linux as well for purchase via Steam and according to Feral Interactive, the game will make it to Mac App Store shortly. The game has been developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K for Windows PC and is the sequel to the …

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Gamers find way to download Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta free on Xbox One

Circumventing the lock on Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta isn’t all that hard and users can download the game for free by simply changing the locale or visiting the download link in incognito mode. For those living in Singapore, the Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is free on Xbox One …

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HTV Vive could be priced at $1500

HTC has announced that pre-orders for its Vive virtual reality headset will kick off on February 29, but hasn’t revealed its pricing leaving analysts to speculate that the headset could cost somewhere around $1,500. This is according to brokerage firms in the US who believe that HTC Vive will be …

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Nintendo NX ‘concept’ console likely to be unveiled in few months

Nintendo hasn’t released a new console since Wii U and with reports of Nintendo NX cropping up every few weeks over the last year, we have another report that claims that the long due console will be released later this year. According to market analyst Junko Yamamura of Nomura Securities, …

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Far Cry Primal: Ubisoft’s new approach pushes players back to stone age

Ubisoft’s latest edition in the Far Cry franchise is a rather strange one considering that the publisher is going to push players back into the stone age. Gone are the days of advanced weaponry, vehicles and buildings as Far Cry Primal is set in the stone age where players will …

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Clash Royale – First Look + Review

Clash Royale just had a soft launch and while the game is from the developers of Clash of Clans, it has been build independently of the team with its developers claiming that the game offers a completely new experience. Supercell has taken inspiration from Clash of Clans for the characters …

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Is Grand Theft Auto V getting new DLC for single player mode?

Reports have claimed that Rockstar may be planning to release DLC for Grand Theft Auto V – something that wasn’t expected considering that the games maker is concentrating on GTA Online. According to a post in se7ensins by modder LondonTown2004, GTA V developers have developed a new DLC management system …

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Sony PlayStation Network opens up its downtime account for 2016

Update: Sony has revealed through a tweet that it will be compensating users for the PlayStation Network outage with extensions to their PS Plus, PS Now and Video plans. Original Story: Sony’s PlayStation Network has had its first downtime of 2016 that lasted some 10 hours with millions of users …

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Nintendo releases trailer of Mario and Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Japanese video games and console maker Nintendo has released a trailer of its soon to be released Mario and Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The game has been developed in collaboration with SEGA and is the fifth edition in the already successful Olympic series of games. The Rio …

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