Sunday , November 29 2015
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The Shady Disappearance Of Afro Samurai 2

Afro Samurai 2

Note: If we get a response from REDACTED, Versus Evil or Sony we’ll be sure to update this very shady situation. Afro Samurai, as a franchise, became a cult hit with the release of the anime in 2007. It managed to creatively blend both western and eastern elements together. With amazing animation, a ...

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Star Wars Actor Left Uncharted 4


In a recent interview, it was revealed that veteran actor Alan Tudyk was slated to be in Uncharted 4, but walked away from the role. While it is unclear to what capacity he would have been involved in the project, there is no doubt his talent would have been a ...

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Friday The 13th Game Announced


Today it was confirmed that Jason Voorhees will be making his first foray into video games since 1989. It looks as if developer Gun Media’s previously-announced game Slasher Volume 1: Summer Camp will now be a officially licensed Friday the 13th game. The game is an eight-player asynchronous game where one players will assume ...

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10 Indie Games You Must Play


Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game development becoming all but non-existent last generation, and big AAA releases being few and far between, it’s become up to these excellent, smaller-scale titles to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, there is still ...

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