Wednesday , November 25 2015
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The Gamer Scene is Dead. Why? Site Owner is a Crook!

Fuck You

Long story short:   Site was going great. Writers were writing, doing reviews and shit. Then suddenly the site owner just disappears. Does not respond to emails, does not respond on Skype, does not respond on Facebook. Yet he is seen to be active on Facebook (posting stuff) and Twitch ...

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10 Indie Games You Must Play


Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game development becoming all but non-existent last generation, and big AAA releases being few and far between, it’s become up to these excellent, smaller-scale titles to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, there is still ...

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Game Releases For July 2014

Below is the game release for the month of July so far with confirmed dates. The biggest release in that month so far are The Last Of Us ReMastered for PS4 and the Destiny Beta for PS4, and PS3 1 Child of Light PSVita Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition PS4 ...

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Sony’s PS Vita TV Is Pretty Cool


The PS Vita TV is a incredible sleek and thin device that allows you to play your PS Vita games on the screen of your HDTV practically anywhere. While also allowing for you to remote play your PS4 games anywhere you have your Vita TV set up in your home. ...

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How is Kill Zone Mercenary Bot Zone Mode

Killzone Mercenary has been recently updated to allow Killzone Mercenary owners the ability to play the multiplayer maps and game modes of line. Which allows for you to enjoy all the action to be had. Killzone Mercenary bot-zone is pretty much the same as the online play many of you ...

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