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Forsaken Isle [Review]

Forsaken Isle

Backstory: Now, unlike most games, “Forsaken Isle” did not have a Press Kit for me to go off of, making it difficult to piece together information about the game’s development. However, don’t be mislead, as “Forsaken Isle” proves itself to be an amazing game! So, here is what I do ...

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Worlds of Magic [First Impressions]


So, I would imagine the first question on everybody’s mind while reading this is probably: “What is ‘Worlds of Magic’?” Well, “Worlds of Magic” is a turn-based strategy game, reminiscent of the popular “Civilization” game series overseen by Sid Meier. Produced by Wastelands Interactive, also known for their previous work ...

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SpeedRunners [Review]


Backstory: TinyBuild, the development team behind SpeedRunners, consists of Alex Nichiporchik (CEO), Luke Burtis (Production Director), and Tom Brien (Creative Director).  Their company all started with an idea. That idea: “No time to explain”, actually became one of the first Greenlit projects on steam! they went through a hard path ...

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Halfway [Review]


Backstory: Robotality is based in Germany, and was funded March 2013. They released Halfway on the 22nd of July, 2014 with ChuckleFish as their publisher! The game is currently $13, and you can purchase it from, GoG, Humble Store, and Steam! The Review: When I first saw Halfway, I saw ...

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Hot Tin Roof [Review]

hot tin roof

  Backstory: Who knew that a Noir themed game about a detective and a talking cat could make a fun game? Well Hot Tin Roof has seemed to accomplish that feat! This game is developed by Glass Bottom Games, originally released on February 20, 2015 so it’s still considered new! ...

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