Friday , September 4 2015
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Review: Mad Max

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Welcome to the wasteland. A destitute, hostile, vast nothingness where your days are numbered and survival is key. It’s inhabitants are more likely to stab you before saying hello and ownership means nothing but something to fight for and defend against others. Such a joyful happy place then. Based on ...

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Review: Zombi (PC)


Zombi is the updated and enhanced version of the WiiU game, ZombiU, and has recently been released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. When it was first released for the WiiU it came out to mixed reviews and poor sales but was praised for its use of the Gamepad, maintaining ...

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Forsaken Isle [Review]

Forsaken Isle

Backstory: Now, unlike most games, “Forsaken Isle” did not have a Press Kit for me to go off of, making it difficult to piece together information about the game’s development. However, don’t be mislead, as “Forsaken Isle” proves itself to be an amazing game! So, here is what I do ...

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Worlds of Magic [First Impressions]


So, I would imagine the first question on everybody’s mind while reading this is probably: “What is ‘Worlds of Magic’?” Well, “Worlds of Magic” is a turn-based strategy game, reminiscent of the popular “Civilization” game series overseen by Sid Meier. Produced by Wastelands Interactive, also known for their previous work ...

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