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Review: Omnipresent


Omnipresent has a good premise. You play as an artificial intelligence bent on escaping the research facility that made you and expanding your self-awareness indefinitely. Omnipresent follows a long stream of ‘hacking’ games. Need I point you to the very successful Uplink? What this game fails at is actually making ...

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Review: Jotun


Norse mythology is on the rise, probably due to some films or something, and the video game industry reflects this the same as any other. However most games have a tendency to scrape the icing off the cake that is their mythological roots, throwing in things like ice giants, perhaps naming Odin ...

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Review: 80 Days


80 Days plays like a good book reads, with the additional freedom of setting out on your own path. The game was released for IOS and Android over a year ago, but with the PC port comes new stories and paths to follow. The game obviously has its roots in ...

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Review: Euclidean


I think it is important to ask what Euclid of Alexandria would think of a geometric horror game like Euclidean being named after him. I think it is also important to ask why it is named after him, and what a geometric horror game is. The game promises “No Zombies”, but ...

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Review: Soma


Soma is the latest in the series of “scare your tits off” games from horror junkies Frictional Games. Being a fan of Frictional Games I loaded the title up with high anticipation (and a fresh pair of underpants, just incase) and what I found didn’t disappoint me but it did ...

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Review: Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is best described as the result of a mad scientist’s experiment which took the gameplay of Galiga, put it on a merry-go-round and force-fed it everything that went on sale a day after Valentine’s day. That is not to say the game isn’t enjoyable. In ...

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