Thursday , November 26 2015
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Review: Yo-Kai Watch


When Yo-Kai Watch ended up in my hands about two weeks ago, I knew almost nothing of the game. I had heard it was supposed to be something like Pokémon, but I was intrigued by Yo-Kai Watch for some reason. That’s not to say that I was never interested in Pokémon. ...

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Preview: Creativerse


Let’s get the apparent elephant in the room out of the way first, Creativerse is influenced by Minecraft (you know Minecraft, that ridiculously popular hybrid game that some YouTubers and fans alike rave about) and when I say influenced, I mean “borrows heavily” but this isn’t a bad thing by ...

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Preview – Forced: Eternal Arena


Diablo style hack and slash action meets Magic The Gathering in Forced: Eternal Arenas. You control a single character who is accompanied by various companions, and your job it to kill every major character. The idea of a gladiatorial arena is not so far off – You basically just have ...

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Review: Lord of Magna – Maiden Heaven

featured image Lord of Magna

Lord of Magna – Maiden Heaven nearly did not make it to it’s release. The original developers of Rune Factory 4, Neverland, closed down in the middle of developing Lord of Magna. However, Marvelous AQL picked up those devs and they were finally able to complete their game. It’s a ...

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Review: Dragon Quest Heroes


Nintendo recently had some rousing success with their hit Wii U title Hyrule Warriors, a Dynasty Warriors clone with a Zelda theme. The franchise it drew inspiration from has had many iterations in the past, but now Square-Enix has taken that formula and mixed it with one of their beloved ...

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Preview: Vortex: The Gateway

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We’ve seen our fair share of survival games in the last few years (too many in fact) that when you see another on your list of “what to buy next” on Steam you’re pretty displeased knowing you’ve played so many of them by now that Steam thinks that you’re Bear ...

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