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Preview: Vortex: The Gateway

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We’ve seen our fair share of survival games in the last few years (too many in fact) that when you see another on your list of “what to buy next” on Steam you’re pretty displeased knowing you’ve played so many of them by now that Steam thinks that you’re Bear ...

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Preview: A Wolf In Autumn


A Wolf in Autumn, the newest creation of David Szymanski, who also created Fingerbones, The Music Machine and The Moon Silver, first tells you that it is to be finished in one sitting, with the lights down low and your headphones on. This has a number of implications on the ...

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Review: The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner's Guide

  The Beginner’s Guide is a game about games. It’s not just about video games in general though; it is actually a collection of games by a man named Coda. These games provide insight into his life and personality in a way that no amount of explaining could do. The developer, Davey ...

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Preview: Albert & Otto


A stolen little sister named Anna, a gun-toting boy named Albert, and a magical red rabbit named Otto. What more could you ask for? K Bros Games upcoming title Albert & Otto, from the early beta, is obviously a good, fun game that promises to be one of October’s biggest hits. ...

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Elsword Launches Sander Secret Dungeon

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KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, has announced the launch of the Sander Secret Dungeon as well as a host of revamps to the existing Secret Dungeon Series for their video game Elsword. You can check out the video above. Explaining the Sander Secret Dungeon, ...

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Expand Review


Expand provides a refreshing and relaxing break from the onslaught of huge triple A games released lately. Developed by Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin. released on 30th September 2015 for PC, Expand is a creatively beautiful, highly-polished, maze-based, meditative indie title that’s strangely emotional. Expand may have a minimalistic design ...

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Review: Omnipresent


Omnipresent has a good premise. You play as an artificial intelligence bent on escaping the research facility that made you and expanding your self-awareness indefinitely. Omnipresent follows a long stream of ‘hacking’ games. Need I point you to the very successful Uplink? What this game fails at is actually making ...

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You’ll Soon Be Able to Play Pokémon in Minecraft


The Minecraft community is known by its incredible amount of creativity, and that’s why no one finds it hard to believe that a Minecraft fan is building a playable version of Pokemon inside of Minecraft. The project beagn in July, and is currently being developed by the user Magib1. He ...

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