Wednesday , November 25 2015
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The Gamer Scene is Dead. Why? Site Owner is a Crook!

Fuck You

Long story short:   Site was going great. Writers were writing, doing reviews and shit. Then suddenly the site owner just disappears. Does not respond to emails, does not respond on Skype, does not respond on Facebook. Yet he is seen to be active on Facebook (posting stuff) and Twitch ...

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Top 5 Digital Card Games


Digital card games are strange because converting a physical medium directly into a digital game often doesn’t work. However, they have actually done well enough to be an entire genre of games. Part of the reason for their success is that they fully accept the fact that they are a ...

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Preview: Creativerse


Let’s get the apparent elephant in the room out of the way first, Creativerse is influenced by Minecraft (you know Minecraft, that ridiculously popular hybrid game that some YouTubers and fans alike rave about) and when I say influenced, I mean “borrows heavily” but this isn’t a bad thing by ...

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Preview – Forced: Eternal Arena


Diablo style hack and slash action meets Magic The Gathering in Forced: Eternal Arenas. You control a single character who is accompanied by various companions, and your job it to kill every major character. The idea of a gladiatorial arena is not so far off – You basically just have ...

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Otherland Gets New Update, More Quests


The huge universe of DRAGO Entertainment’s action-MMORPG Otherland keeps growing. The developers have been hard at work expanding the storyline of 8 Squared with more than 120 new quests, giving players a chance to join the White Army forces for the very first time. The new update called The 8Squared ...

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