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Prison Architect landing on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 this spring

Prison Architect has been confirmed for consoles with the critically acclaimed and best-selling game launching on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 this spring. According to publisher and developer Double Eleven and Introversion Software, Prison Architect will be released into the world as a well-adjusted member of society on the …

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Top 5 Digital Card Games

Digital card games are strange because converting a physical medium directly into a digital game often doesn’t work. However, they have actually done well enough to be an entire genre of games. Part of the reason for their success is that they fully accept the fact that they are a …

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With Retrospect: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Author’s Note: In order to better introduce myself, I thought my initiation into The Gamer Scene should be something a little different. 
In this series, then, I’m going to be looking way back in time to the days of Megadrives and N64s to see how our beloved childhood games are fairing …

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10 Indie Games You Must Play

Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game development becoming all but non-existent last generation, and big AAA releases being few and far between, it’s become up to these excellent, smaller-scale titles to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, there is still …

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Halo 5: The Fall of Chief?

While many Halo fans, myself included, have speculated that the Chief simply cannot die, the latest live action trailer – see above – from Microsoft would seem to state otherwise. In it a UNSC spokeswoman comments on the latest attack against humanity, and the loss of many individuals, including Master …

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Rockstar Will No Longer Update GTA V on Last Gen

Well, it looks like you can add another nail to the coffin of the good ole’ PS3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar recently announced they would no longer continue supporting the last gen console versions of GTA V with updates. The fat lady is now singing. GTA V first launched on …

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Fifa 16’s Soundtrack Announced

FIFA 16 may not be the most diversified franchise when talking about gameplay mechanics, but EA certainly knows how to shake things off with their ambient music . Fifa 16’s soundtrack will feature 42 different artists from 15 countries, which might I say is quite impressive. Below is the full …

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Has Square Enix Ruined Pre-Order Incentives?

A pre-order bonus. That little incentive publishers tease us with to purchase their game early in a hope we’re getting some great exclusive item that nobody else will have that will vastly improve our game, when in reality it just shows that we are easily swayed, impatient consumers that cannot …

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Plague of Shadows Release Date Finally Announced

Yacht Club Games have finally announced the day that the highly anticipated Shovel Knight expansion, Plague of Shadows, will be released. Plague of Shadows, the first expansion for the indie darling and Kickstarter success Shovel Knight, will be released on all consoles as a free update on September 17. Shovel Knight …

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