Sunday , 1 March 2015

Wii U

Game Releases For July 19-31, 2014


19 Freedom Planet Win, Mac, Lin 22 Forza Motorsport 5 Racing Game of the Year Edition XBO Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! PS4 OlliOlli Win, Mac, Lin The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4: Amid The Ruins Win, Mac, PSN, PSVita 23 The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4: Amid The Ruins XBLA Unrest Win, Mac, Lin 24 The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4: Amid The ... Read More »



The Straw Hat Pirates encounter and befriend a cheerful yet mysterious raccoon named Pato who possesses a shadowy power to create anything drawn onto a leaf. In order to help their new friend, the Straw Hat Pirates agree to assist Pato on an ambiguous mission “to meet someone;” Pato then leads the crew to the Forgotten Island where all the Straw Hat ... Read More »

Game Releases For March 2014


Hey you go everyone all the games that are expected to come out this month of March. 4 South Park: The Stick of Truth Win, PS3, X360 The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 2: A House Divided Win, Mac, PS3 11 Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky PS3 Dark Souls II Win, PS3, X360 Titanfall Win, ... Read More »

No Fallout 4 For A While


The announcement of Fallout 4 is something that many gamers have been awaiting. Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard has spoken with Rock, Paper, Shotgun about Fallout 4. While he has not denied that the game is in the works. Finding a good time to give information is hard to figure out.     “We’ve gotten fairly used to all the questions and curiosity over ... Read More »

What Games Are Coming This Feburay


4 -Earth Defense Force 2025 X360, PS3 Fable AnniversaryX360 The Lego Movie VideogameWin, PS3, X360 PS4, XBO 5 -OutlastPS4 7 -Bravely Default3DS 11 -Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIPS3,  X360Toukiden: The Age of DemonsPSVita, PSPOne Piece: Romance Dawn3DS 14 -Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocPSVita 18 -Earth Defense Force 2025PS3, X360Rayman LegendsPS4, XBO 21 -Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeWiiU 25 -Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Win, PS3, X360 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareXBO, X360 Tales of Symphonia ChroniclesPS3 Thief Win, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO 28 -Divinity: ... Read More »

Tom Clancy’s The Division New Screenshots Released


So just recently on NeoGaf new screen shots of Tom Clancy’s The Division were posted so check them out. The Division was set to release this year of 2014 recent rumors suggest that the title has barley started. From the screen shots I can barley tell so there must be buckets of content to expect from this Next-Gen title. Stayed locked here for more news.     Read More »

What Games Are Coming This January


Here you guys go all the titles that are listed to be released of my knowledge in January. 2 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed iOS, Droid 7 Don’t Starve: Console Edition PS4 9 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Win 14 Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD PSN The Banner Saga Win, Mac, Lin, iOS, XBLA 15 Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Win, XBLA OlliOlli ... Read More »

New Action Packed Zelda Title "Hyrule Warriors" Announced

Nintendo has announced a new Zelda title for the Wii U called “Hyrule Warriors”. While the name of the new Zelda game is tentative it features a new style of gameplay. Everyone can expect an new action focused experice in the new title. Which resembles more of the game franchise Dynasty Warriors. You will play as Link battling hordes of ... Read More »

Splinter Cell BlackList Review

Splinter Cell

Yes this is the Splinter Cell I have been waiting for. Splinter Cell Blacklist accomplished keeping the hardcore mechanics of Chaos Theory, but the available choice to go all out action as I would in Conviction. As I go more in depth on the review Of Splinter Cell Blacklist I would recommend everyone to buy this title. Splinter Cell Blacklist ... Read More »