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New Nintendo Loyalty Program Announced

Nintendo Loyalty Program

Since the discontinuation of Club Nintendo back in June, Nintendo has been promising its replacement. Good news; It’s finally here. During a meeting with Nintendo’s investors, new President Tatsumi Kimishima announced that it would be called My Nintendo and would launch in March of 2016 alongside the companies’ very first mobile …

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10 Indie Games You Must Play

Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game development becoming all but non-existent last generation, and big AAA releases being few and far between, it’s become up to these excellent, smaller-scale titles to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, there is still …

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10 Things We’d Like To See Added To Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker has been out for a couple weeks now, and I’m absolutely in love with it. Nintendo put together a beautiful, comprehensive love-letter that serves as a perfect ode to celebrate 30 years of everyone’s favorite plumber. However, as comprehensive as this package is, there are omissions. While …

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Star Fox Zero Delayed To 2016

It looks like Star Fox fans will not be enjoying the next chapter of Fox McCloud’s life in 2015. This morning on Facebook, Nintendo announced that the next iteration of  their on-rails shooter would be delayed until quarter one of 2016. The full quote from game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, went as …

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Nintendo Announces Satoru Iwata’s Succesor

tatsumi kimishima

Nearly two months after the unfortunate death of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo has announced their new president and CEO. This morning, September 14, 2015, a meeting of Nintendo’s Board of Directors appointed the job to Tatsumi Kimishima. Tatsumi Kimishima has been working at Nintendo for well over ten years. Kimishima first rose to …

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Super Mario Maker Patch Removes 9 Day Unlocking Period

Nintendo fans all over the world rejoice; Yesterday evening a thread was posted to NeoGaf that confirms the negatively received unlocking method previously announced for Super Mario Maker has been removed. It seems Nintendo recognized the disdain for the gameplay mechanic shown by their core audience, and was able to change the system at …

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