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TGS Attending VRTGO – VR Conference & Expo

So, what is VRTGO? –  An annual Conference & Expo that explores the future of VR for both entertainment and serious applications.

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Myself, Rebecca (KittenCraftt), Thomas Campbell and Rory Baxter (RoreosRS) will be attending the event on Thursday 12th November 2015 at Newcastle.

We hope to meet Jed Ashforth (Senior Game Designer – Playstation VR) to learn all about the rise of VR gaming and also the new technologies in which Playstation are using. So hopefully we come away with many spoilers!


Ana Ribeiro – The creator of Pixel Ripped – To learn more about this awesome game & ongoing project!


Joe Stevens – The CEO & Founder of Whispering Gibbon – The guys who specialise in bringing virtual content into reality through the awesome power of 3D printing – Clever ehh!?


We are also planning on meeting a lot more people from the gaming / virtual reality network there, as well as some famous YouTubers and fellow publications!

Want to buy tickets? They start from £199 here!

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