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New Nintendo Loyalty Program Announced

Since the discontinuation of Club Nintendo back in June, Nintendo has been promising its replacement. Good news; It’s finally here.

During a meeting with Nintendo’s investors, new President Tatsumi Kimishima announced that it would be called My Nintendo and would launch in March of 2016 alongside the companies’ very first mobile phone game.

The new initiative with this rewards program is to merge a users’ console activity with their other smart devices. Users will reportedly be able to manage their friends list, visit the Nintendo eShop, and perform other tasks all on their phones or tablets. Much like Club Nintendo, there will be some form of a rewards program. Users will still earn points through the purchases of games. However, unlike Club Nintendo, this new program will also reward players with points through playing the game.Nintendo Loyalty Program

This feature will not just be new to Nintendo, it will be new to the entire gaming scene. While both Sony and Microsoft reward players with trophies and achievements respectively, neither of those programs have any real world ramifications. Nintendo will be giving players points that can be put towards digital content, original merchandise, and discount coupons all for playing games.

To me, My Nintendo sounds great.  The gaming giant has traditionally had trouble with their digital landscape. Hopefully this turns out to truly be the unified account they are promising it to be. Features like “cross-buy” are a long time coming for the company. If someone buys Super Mario Brothers on the Wii U, they should be able to go on their 3DS and download it, free of charge. Also, I’ve wanted a form of Nintendo achievement system for longer than I can remember.

The idea of gaining achievements in a game, while simultaneously gaining real world awards is more than a dream come true. This sounds like it will be a real step in the right direction for Nintendo.

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