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Binary Options Trading Company Orion Code Exposed

Orion Code Binary Options

Google Trends is showing that in the past week more than 5,000 people searched for information about the binary options trading software called Orion Code. While there are many automated trading robots for binary options available, occasionally a trading system like Orion Code goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

When Orion Code was initially released in October of 2016, we didn’t think anyone would fall for the scam, but we were wrong. Apparently there are enough uneducated people who believe that they can get rich quick by just pushing a button.

Orion Code Binary Options Scam Exposed

A trading app like Orion Code works on a simple premise to get people to use their product. They believe that, if you send spam emails to tens of millions of people, there are enough suckers who will try it out and quickly lose their $250.

The most famous showman of all time, P.T. Barnum once said;

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

If you take a minute to read about real binary options brokers, you will understand why.

Orion Code Binary Options Scam
Orion Code Binary Options Scam

Orion Code Scam

The biggest problem with a binary options software like Orion Code is, they only use offshore, unlicensed, companies who claim to be legitimate binary options brokers. Although the websites look legitimate, and you may even find reviews of these brokers that look positive. The brokers are actual scams.

Sadly there are enough people that believed this con. Don’t Believe What They Say!

“I WILL MAKE YOU $100,000+ IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS! Guaranteed with my no loss Orion Code! Otherwise I will pay you $5,000 trying..”.

If you read some of the questions and answers on a binary options forum you will see what happens to uneducated investors who think they can get their money back from a Nigerian Scam Artist.

Legal Binary Options Brokers

It is a fact that at least 90% of “binary option brokers” online are actually fake websites, and are just fronts for people to fall victim to an investing scam.

Before you even think about depositing your money into a brokerage firm online, you must verify that the company has a valid local license. The purpose of using a licensed broker, is so that when it comes time to withdraw your profits, they will actually process your withdrawal request.

Look at these brokers which are licensed, regulated and legal;

Another Known Fact: 90% of people who lost their money with binary options, was because they “invested” with a fake broker.

Best Binary Options Brokers

Popular Binary Option Robots

Many people are dead set on using an automated trading software, because they like the allure of easy cash. That is their decision, and there are a few of these products available online. Many of them will randomly assign you a broker, and it is your job to make sure that broker is licensed.

These follow trading robots allow traders to choose from a selection of brokers. They will also let you configure certain aspects of the trading software. They are all free because they get paid a commission from the broker you end up using.

Start by researching these trading software:

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