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Gemini 2 Trading is a Fake Binary Options Scam Software

Gemini 2 is a confirmed scam…. watch the actors confession video!

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First they spammed about Quantum Code, and then they switched the Zero Loss Formula, after that was Terabit Trader, and this week they are emailing 100 times a day about Gemini 2.

You can read more about the hundreds of fake trading software products, which are marketed via email spam and Outbrain ads, see here.

Gemini 2 Trading

Gemini 2 Trading Software

You see, the Gemini 2 Trading Software is supposed to be an automated trading algorithm that scans the currency market to find short term trading opportunities. It is suppose to have built in risk management like algorithm trading used at professional hedge funds.

The reality is that the software is simply a random number generator, which places trades on your account every few minutes. Sometimes it buys calls and other times is buys puts. There is really no advance algorithm backing it up, and it definitely was not back tested.

People fall victim to this scam all day every day, because they think they can make a quick dollar and become overnight millionaires.

What really happens to people using this software is that they lose all their money in 2 – 3 hours.

Gemini 2 Fake Trading Software
Gemini 2 Fake Trading Software

Gemini 2 Uses Scam Brokers

Another big problem that we found when testing the Gemini 2 trading software, is that they are connected with many binary options brokers from all over the world. What makes it is a scam, is you don’t realize their “recommended” broker is not licensed or regulated, but rather an offshore scam which has been banned in many countries.

Depending on your country of residence, will determine where you should trade binary options.

You can look at the list of best brokers here, and see what is available for traders in your country.

Nowadays, there only exists about 20 brokers that are legally licensed to offer binary options for trading, and the vast majority of binary options brokers do not even have a license. When you research complaints about binary options you will see that most of the legitimate complaints come from “investors” who lost their money at a fake scam online broker.

Most Popular Binary Options Robots

There are more than 100 automated trading systems or binary option robots that are available at any given time, but only 3 companies robots have actually been in business for more than 3 weeks.

These heavily used robots have many customization features, including; the ability to choose a licensed broker, choice of assets to trade, risk management features to limit daily losses, and other controls.

These 3 are the largest and most popular robots!

The next biggest ATS (Automated Trading System) is the one from the Daweda Exchange.

Daweda is a European licensed binary options exchange which is much different than any other binary options broker. They are the only broker that has automated trading as part of their trading platform, see here.

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