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Lucrosa Binary Options Trading Software Doesn’t Work

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Binary Options trading with the Lucrosa Software will not make you any richer. In most cases, using a software like Lucrosa will make you poorer and angry. Every week a new trading software is released for binary options, just like the Quantum Code from a few weeks ago, and the Opus Formula.

What the Lucrosa trading app is supposed to do for investors is scan the markets for short term trading opportunities in a variety of assets.

Lucrosa Binary Options Trading Software Promotional Video
Lucrosa Binary Options Trading Software Promotional Video

Lucrosa Real or Fake?

When you initially look at the basic signals that the software spews out, it is impossible to know if they are real trading alerts based on technical analysis or just random numbers.

The real reason you can never be 100% certain is because the key to a profitable trading in binary options is the timing of the trade.

We will use an old example;

When the trading software releases a buy signal on the $EURUSD, how long is that trade signal valid for?

When trading in high speed binary options, a difference of 3 minutes will be the difference of profit and loss.

Lucrosa Review Scam

Wake up!!!

The biggest danger with using the Lucrosa System Software, is the “Auto Trading” feature it offers you.

Do you know how many trades Lucrosa places every hour? The answer is between 1 and 5. That means on a busy day, the software will make over 100 binary options trades on your account.

How long do you think it will take for your account balance to go from $250 to $0? Probably just a few hours.

Lucrosa Scam Reviews


Legal Binary Options Brokers

Most binary option brokers are not licensed and are actually offshore scams, run by a Nigerian prince. There are a few brokers that are licensed, regulated and real financial institutions. For example: Nadex, 24Option and AnyOption.

Where you live determines who you should use as your broker. If you live in the United States of America, you should be trading at Nadex.com.

You can look at the list of best brokers here, and see who is locally licensed.

Popular Trading Software

The most popular automated trading software for binary options is from: OptionRobot.com.

The reason why it is such a popular product is because it works with multiple licensed brokers.

Best Binary Options Brokers Today

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  1. Thanks for your honest review. I agree.

  2. I’m from south africa as for me to agree with you… I also did apply at signal binary…. For you to enter it is very easy for them to call you they keep calling till you give the money once you did then …. After you won’t hear anything from them …I’m in tht situation right now …gave them money now I don’t know whts for wht no one reply a thing. So now I’m sure its a scam