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  1. Scammers always try to do everything they can by luring others to join them.I also open snapcash account and brokers are option fm.But i’m feeling uneasy and without wasting time,i’m google about it and i found it was another scam.Luckily,i didn’t deposit money into it otherwise i can’t imagine what happen next.They also keep calling and emailing everyday but i did not answer it and i blocked it.Period.Beware everyone,Don’t fall in their trap!!!

  2. Thank you to everyone that has made a comment on this site, I was about to try trading with Snap Cash Binary but I won’t be now. I’m really beginning to believe that there are no honest trading robots or systems in the binary option’s area of trading.

  3. I was also about to invest but thought I had better check first. I read one article that said Julian Assange was endorsing it, but there was no confirmation of this when I did a Google search. Having read the article and comments here, I have decided against. Thank you for saving me my money.