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  1. Hi,
    I am using Snap cash binary at the suggested lowest risk taking and am losing money on 2 different accounts.
    There is no one to talk to and very frustrating. I did talk to one of the brokers who sounds like he is in a boiler room with 1000 others.
    Do not get snap cash binary. And you can’t pick your broker.
    Very disappointing.
    I tried posting my results on the watchdog site that promotes it but they won’t post my comments.

  2. I did too registered then i put money on there account and they saying lost how come is lost. And i try to log in it saying deposit again.i can’t log in into my account.im frustrating now s.

  3. Snap binary is scam I lost almost my all investment in one week If you walue yours hard erned money do not invest whit this thief. For info. you can call 805 6830822

    • Hi Stan I was about to invest in Snap Cash
      but after reading your view I wil not. Also tried calling you but your tel phone number is not working. In wwhich country are you based.

  4. Soft.snapcashbinary
    Option fm loos 500 dollar
    Tradextra loos 500 dollar.
    Same day as put in 500dollar .
    Some one from traderextra try to take out from my bank 1500euro.
    My bank stoped this.But i zero my acount so there was no money.
    I emailed help desk (TRADEXTRA) after a boss.
    My phone rang all day and days after.
    When i answer they want me to put in more money.
    This before i startid losing my 500.
    Am I the only one who loos on snapcash??
    Even i mailed whatch dog…….and more they do not answer
    Mvh Per G/sweden

  5. Snack cash a sack scam along with bank of options stay away is a scam

  6. Watchdog is also a scam stay away from watchdog

  7. Scammers always try to do everything they can by luring others to join them.I also open snapcash account and brokers are option fm.But i’m feeling uneasy and without wasting time,i’m google about it and i found it was another scam.Luckily,i didn’t deposit money into it otherwise i can’t imagine what happen next.They also keep calling and emailing everyday but i did not answer it and i blocked it.Period.Beware everyone,Don’t fall in their trap!!!

  8. Thank you to everyone that has made a comment on this site, I was about to try trading with Snap Cash Binary but I won’t be now. I’m really beginning to believe that there are no honest trading robots or systems in the binary option’s area of trading.

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