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Sony PlayStation VR developers already working on 100 or more titles

Virtual Reality space has been beefing up slowly with multiple vendors joining the bandwagon with their own products; however, while the technology is appealing, there has always been a question as to how deep can VR penetrate in the gaming and other segments.

Signing up developers to develop content for the VR technology is one of the key factors for any VR platform to survive and Sony seems to be progressing towards this steadily. According to Sony’s chief executive Kaz Hirai, things are moving at a great pace with the company having signed up over 200 developers for its Sony PlayStation VR programme.

Speaking to BBC on the sidelines of CES 2016, Hirai revealed that there are over 100 titles for the PlayStation VR that are being worked upon by the developers who have signed up. This Hirai says is a testament to the kind of support that Sony is getting for their VR platform which is going to be released later this year.

When asked who would want VR as a technology, Hirai said: “I think that for PlayStation, the fact that we offer a very immersive gameplay experience on the PlayStation 4, even on a flat screen panel today and really taking it into the virtual reality world is more of an immersive gameplay experience we are going to provide.”

Hirai added that for them it is more about the immersive gameplay experience they are going to provide to videogamers around the world and with nearly 36 million PlayStation 4 units already sold, they have a huge number of potential VR users already to whom they will be able to pitch the product.

With more and more game players adopting VR, the next phase would be to target the entertainment audience for which Sony Pictures is already creating a lot of content, Hirai added. Check out the video below:

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