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  • Gamer Scene

    Enjoys writing about Technology that is directly related to our everyday lives.
  • Laura Belaggio

    I am the Editor-in-Chief of TheGamerScene.com
  • Ashley-Benjamin

    Guten Tag! :3 I'm Ashley, I'm an 18 year old passionate gamer and writer. I'm now a member of The Gamer Scene staff as a games reviewer and news beat team :3 ! I have no clue what I'm doing, but, shhhh c;
  • Austin Lim

    Austin is a gamer, podcaster, and journalist with an affinity for retro 16-bit games. He can talk about Dark Souls and Bloodborne for hours.
  • Bray Sumerix

    Bray is a 19 year old graphic designer and writer. Following his lifelong dream, he has joined The Gamer Scene to help him move forward. You can add him on Steam as iMAGNova or on Xbox Live as Lord Do Vul. He likes to play video games all day. Tweet him to ask about games!
  • Chris M.

    Hey! I do reviews on games when I get the chance, and enjoy making videos alongside streaming on twitch!
  • Daniel Charles

    Professional loudmouth and occasional writer. When not found screaming at Dark Souls, Daniel can be found hibernating for winter.
  • Daniel Cutler

    Once a wandering nomad, I now enjoy the finer things in life, like playing games, driving cars, fighting evil, and writing about it on thegamerscene, rather than, you know, doing a real job or anything.
  • Daniel Igiebor

    Teenage Programmer- GFX designer- CEO Of Igicraft SMP- Javascript- Html- CSS- Game maker- Mobile gamer- Video editor- Game reviewer.
  • Dan Lenois

    A longtime gamer, Dan Lenois specializes in game reviews, first impressions, interviews, and gaming controversy reporting.
  • Donald Seburn

    Donald is a writer, gamer, and hobby game designer. He is a sucker for storyline. He is an amazing writer, literally the best. Asbolutely. Best in the world. He is also highly narcissistic and should never be allowed to describe himself.
  • Holly Robinson

    By night Holly - AKA 'Titch' - busies herself making cocktails in Manchester, but by day she writes, she rocks, she games, and she obsesses over the Arctic Monkeys. Her biggest aim is to try and crush the social stigma of women in the gaming industry while simultaneously attempting to become the next Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Luke Luby

    Luke is a freelance journalist and filmmaker currently based in Cork City, Ireland. If he isn't writing about Video Games or Entertainment, he's normally found either writing a script, or trying to get his script made.
  • Ollie Pokorny

    Yo guys, i'm Ollie and I am part of the PC Master Race. I review pc games, pc updates and write PC news. Enjoy!
  • Paige Campbell

    Paige Campbell is 18 years old and has been playing games his whole life. His first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Apart from games, he also loves comic books, professional wrestling, and stand up comedy.
  • Ryan Kimpel

    I am a father of two boys and an avid gamer. When I am not working at home or spending time with my family I am playing video games and writing reviews. This has always been a passion of mine and I am so happy to be able to do what I love.
  • Thomas Grantz

    Born in the forested wilds of Maine, Tom Grantz spent his early years wrangling moose, chopping down trees and enjoying Role Playing Games on his GameBoy Pocket and Playstation. He has since migrated to the metropolis known as "Boston", where he plays games all day, sometimes writes and spends time cuddling with his kitten, Arya.
  • Thomasp300

    Lover of anyting from Hip Hop to Video Games, I mostly work on the HUB YouTube channel for this site.
  • Thomas Wyatt

    Tom is a YouTuber, Filmmaker, Twitch Streamer, Writer, and most importantly - a full time gamer! If he's not doing any of the above, then he's probably dead.

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